Cirrus maintains accreditation to ISO9001 (since 1998) and ISO9001:2000 (since 2001) for software development and support activities. The processes of Cirrus’ quality system are based on the MILSTD-498 approach to software development,and are continually updated as part of Cirrus’ Continual Quality Improvement (CQI) programme.

defence industrial security programme

Cirrus is a member of the Defence Industrial Security Programme (DISP), andadheres to the requirements of this programme. Cirrus maintains both Facility and Personnel security clearances.

Australian industrial defence network

Cirrus is a member of the Australian Industry Defence Network (AIDN)

Australian business defence industry

Cirrus maintains membership of Australian Business Defence Industry (ABDI)

defence recognised supplier

Cirrus' consistently excellent record as a supplier to Defence is formally recognised by Cirrus' status as a "Defence Recognised Supplier"