The Cirrus DeLTA (Demon/Lofar Tactical Analysis) system provides real-time spectral analysis, sonar classification and localisation for input signals sourced from analog or digital sources.

Scan and waterfall spectral displays for both LOFAR and DEMON are provided, as well as harmonic, Lloyd's mirror and Doppler cursors, integration and update rate controls and zoom analysis windows. Test-tones may be generated into any channel for training and on-line test purposes.

The system is available in stand-alone or networked configuration. The networked configurations allows  thesystem to be used by an instructor and multiple students. The instructor selects the signal(s) and/or test-tones for analysis, with each student able to analyse the signal characteristics using their own processing and display configurations.

The DeLTA system is available in a number of models, for both land-based and at-sea operation. DeLTA is OASIS compliant, and is able to source its input signal(s) either from analog connected signals or across a TCP network.

DeLTA is available Off-The-Shelf, with modular options including local and remote displays, analog channel counts, digital interfaces, open system connectivity options, recording options, spectral processing bandwidths and ruggedisation build levels.

DeLTA systems are in-use with the Royal Australian Navy Submarine Squadron, and have also been chosen bythe RAN Submarine Training Systems Centre for operator training.

DeLTA systems are in-use with the Royal Australian Navy Submarine Squadron